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From Renee Sortman.

“We bought a house that had EXTENSIVE structural damage to the bottom half of a two-story house. The entire bottom floor which included floor joist, decking, floors, walls, siding had to be replaced. We had purchased the home with our life’s savings and to find this was beyond devastating.

I searched and called 6 structural engineers and was blessed to find Bruce Crowded and Sevier Construction… All I can say is you get what you pay for… quality and hard work topped off with INTEGRITY! This company took a person’s worst nightmare in buying a house that was literally falling down around us and turned it into a dream come true. We met with Mr. Crowder at the house and walked through it from top to bottom. We explained our situation and were met with honesty and patience. We live out of state and were apprehensive about long-distance communication and not being able to oversee progress. Well, they started that Monday, and we got pictures, texts and emails immediately. Nothing happened out of scope unless we got a phone call and a disvussion before they proceeded. My husband and I came up to see the progress about halfway through and got to meet the workers. We were greeted with AWESOME guys who took time to explain everything they were doing to us. At the end of the project, we came up to stay at the home for the first time since our nightmare began, we walked through the front door and we both cried. Gone was the rot, smell and devastation. In its place was beautiful quality construction that you could tell was done with pride and care! I now have the most beautiful and solid home in Gatlinburg.”